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    previously published as Bad Boys Ahoy! Oh, those naughty rakes. With their wicked winks, sensual smiles, and bad boy habits, you just can't. Scandalous Liaisons by Sylvia Day is a trio of classic sensual romances, linking the tales of wicked rakes and the flawless aristocratic young women whose. Scandalous Liaisons book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Oh, those naughty rakes. With their wicked winks, sensual smil.

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    Scandalous Liaisons Sylvia Day Pdf author: book pdf subject: free download scandalous liaisons charles ii and his respository of scandalous liaisons [book] pdf read online sylvia day. Scandalous Liaisons Sylvia Day. Nenhuma oferta encontrada. ISBN ISBN Ano: / Páginas: Idioma: inglês. Scandalous Liaisons by Sylvia Day is Historical “Three adult rakes wreak calamity in the adventurous lives of three Regency ladies” in these.

    If you fell for Gideon Cross, wait until you meet the men who really are out of this world Adrian Mitchell is an angel of immense power and an insatiable desire for the one woman he can't have. The head of an elite Special Ops unit of the Seraphim, his task is to punish the Fallen - angels who have become vampires - and command a restless pack of indentured lycans. But Adrian has suffered his own punishment for becoming involved with mortals - losing the love of his life again and again. Now, after nearly two hundred years, he has found his beloved Shadoe, her soul once more inhabiting a new body with no memory of him. This time he won't let her go. With no memory of her past as Shadoe, Lindsay Gibson only knows she can't resist her fierce attraction to the smouldering, seductive male who crosses her path. Swept into a dangerous world of tumultuous passion and preternatural conflict, Lindsay is soon caught in the middle between an angel lover, an estranged vampire father, and a full-blown lycan revolt. There's more at stake than her love and her life - this time she could lose her very soul

    It shook me to the core to know that I could bring her some measure of peace. And what had she brought me? Angus McLeod was quiet by nature and by training. He rarely showed any emotion at all, but he made an exception for Eva. In the messy years that followed, the one point of stability had been Angus, a man hired to be a driver and bodyguard but who turned out to be a lifeline instead.

    He never doubted me. I set my hand on her thigh and waited for her to look at me. Cary will be there, too, of course. Eva studied my face as she finished. You wanted that picture out there. I wanted her involved and actively participating.

    That meant encouragement and acknowledgment, not roadblocks. We can sell the ones we like best to the media and donate the proceeds to Crossroads. Are you nuts? I think we need to spend some time dating, going out in public, figuring out how to take care of … issues without using sex as a crutch. My palms grew damp, a low-grade panic beginning to set in. It was irrational, infuriating. But Dr. I feel like we have this little window of time when we can slow down.

    Just for a few weeks, until the wedding.

    Scandalous Liaisons

    Christ, Eva. Turning my head, I looked out the window. My mind was racing. What did this mean? Why would she ask? How the fuck was I going to talk her out of it?

    I felt her slide closer, then curl up against me. Her voice lowered to a whisper. Think how hot the sex will be when we do it. It pissed me off that I was feeling anxious.

    Leaning forward, I put my lips to her ear. For me. Not even about this. Thank you. A challenge. See who breaks first.

    Wrapped up in a bow—and nothing else—as your birthday present? Nothing was capable of making this more palatable. On my last break, I went online, trying to see if there was anything happening in September or October that I should consider when setting a date. There are whole sites and blogs dedicated to you.

    Problem solved. The thought of that was almost enough to make the next few weeks bearable. Lyle Petersen stood and smiled as we walked into his office. He was a tall man, and his gaze lowered a noticeable distance to take in our linked hands. Petersen himself was a comfortable man, easy in his own skin. It was hard to rely on someone who knew so much my vulnerabilities, but I dealt with it as best I could because I had no other choice—Dr. Petersen was a pivotal player in my marriage.

    Eva and I took seats on the sofa, while Dr. Petersen settled into his usual wingback chair. He left his tablet and stylus sitting on the arm and studied us with dark blue eyes that were sharp with intelligence. She leaned into me, hugging my arm. She smiled at Dr. It tightened my throat to see it. Petersen about Hugh had been easier—but it was all worth it just to see that look on her face. The ugliest things about each other brought us closer. It was crazy and it was wonderful.

    I pulled her hand into my lap, cupping it with both of mine. I felt the same love, gratitude, and hope that she did. Petersen picked up his tablet. What brought them on? Something had to give. That could be considered emotional blackmail. Was that your intent? Petersen made some notes. Eva bristled. Who does that? That was a fundamental imbalance in our relationship, which gave her the upper hand in everything. Petersen interjected. I shook my head. I try talking it out with you, but in the end, you do what you want.

    Be honest, Gideon, I came along and you realized you had a void in your life that I could fill, and you wanted to put me there and leave the rest of your life as it was. Just enjoy each other for a while. She said the word and I stopped. I reminded her often, made sure she always knew that the choice to cease or continue rested entirely with her.

    It was inexcusable. I turned toward her. I would never. I wanted to be her fresh start, her new beginning. How could I be when I was acting like the assholes in her past?

    For once, I was grateful that she could. Her combative posture relaxed. Her gaze softened with love. I thought I could shield her from the troubles we faced and make things smoother for her. Eva deserved that. She poked my shoulder. She looked at Dr. Petersen just waited with that maddening patience. Eva took a deep, shaky breath.

    Not surrender. More like a momentary truce. Good enough. Petersen said. We both compromise? Petersen asked. He smiled. As a couple, you have a lot of strengths. At this point, most couples are deciding to date exclusively, but you two have been married for nearly a month. You each have ways of coping with adverse situations.

    If you continue to maneuver each other into situations where you feel threatened, you will eventually trigger one of these self-defense mechanisms.

    I pulled her closer, breathing her in to calm myself. The hatred I felt for Hugh and Nathan in that moment was vicious. They were both dead and buried, but they were still fucking up our lives.

    I pressed a kiss to the top of her head, fiercely grateful for her. Her thoughts were like mine and that filled me with a sense of wonder. Her head tilted back, her fingertips drifting along my jaw, her gray eyes soft and tender.

    It hurts too much to stay away. The restaurant was popular and the hotel was known to often have paparazzi nearby. Petersen, I was open to meeting her halfway. We would find our middle ground. When we reached our table, I scanned the space as I pulled the chair out for her. She was attracting attention, as she always did. Eva was a stunner by any measure, but her sex appeal was something you had to witness firsthand. It was there in the way she moved, the way she carried herself, in the curve of her smile.

    And she was mine. The glance I spared the other diners made that patently clear. I took the seat opposite her, admiring the way the light of the candle on the table gilded her golden skin and hair. The gloss on her lips invited long, deep kisses, as did the look in her eyes. No one had ever looked at me the way she did, with total acceptance and understanding blended in with the love and desire. I could tell her anything and she would believe me.

    Such a simple gift, but so rare and precious. Only my silence could push her away, never the truth. Are you sure you want to quit your job? It was actually kind of a relief. What I picked up on instead was something different. Something new. There was a fire inside her. After the server walked away, I lounged back, enjoying the simple pleasure of staring at my gorgeous wife.

    Eva wet her lips with a teasing swipe of her tongue and leaned forward. I like showing you off. Who cares about your billions?

    I pushed the glass toward her, watched her swirl the dark red wine, lift the glass to her nose, then take a swallow. The hum of pleasure she made as she approved my choice sent a surge of heat through me, which was certainly her intent.

    The slow stroking along my leg was maddening. I grew harder by the minute, already more than primed by days of deprivation. Taking a sip out of my freshly poured glass, I waited until the server walked away. Just keeping things interesting. She grinned. The Upper West Side was my home—for now. The vast green expanse of Central Park divided us, one of the few things between us that was easily crossed. I waved at Chad, one of the night staff at the front desk.

    He smiled back at me and gave a polite nod to Gideon. I was hyperaware of that touch. It conveyed possession and control effortlessly, and made me so hot. Which only made it harder for me to deny us both when we reached the elevator.

    It was one of the things I loved about him, one of the ways I knew we were meant to be. The connection we had, it was soul-deep. Minute by minute. My physical connection to Gideon was as vital to me as our emotional one.

    I loved him. Loved touching him, soothing him, giving him what he needed … My right to do so meant everything to me. I gripped his forearm, gently squeezing the rock-hard muscle beneath his sleeves. His gaze turned avid. He could do that sort of thing because he owned the building, one of many that belonged to him in the city.

    It feels empty. You can see how creative I can be. With sound. I had to grip the handrail to stop myself from dashing back out to him.

    Happiness came in so many forms. Mine was Gideon. I blew him a kiss. It felt like home. I was so excited about the thought of living with him, being his wife in private and public, sharing my days—and nights—with him. Still, change was harder when you were happy with the pre-change version of your life.

    My mom had decorated the entire apartment in a modern traditional style. Even off duty, he looked like the super hot male model he was. I figured I should enjoy doing that while I could. I thought it might drive him a little crazy. Smells like you cooked. Cary had met her on a job. Look at my mom and dad. What does that make me, if not a selfish bastard? My best friend had suffered through so much in his life.

    I broke down and called him before he forgot about me altogether. You, Cary Taylor, are utterly unforgettable. You have a right to be happy. Tatiana was a manipulator. It was impossible not to look ahead and see that being a source of misery for an innocent kid. I lose my shit. It tore me up to see him so down. He tilted his head back to look at me. He snorted. Got nada back. In his mind, being bisexual means I have to sleep around.

    I needed to reach out to Trey and set that straight. Cary had been in the hospital recovering from a vicious assault when Trey approached me. I have to be realistic about that. I guess I am clear about that. I would always give my best friend the support and reassurance he needed, but there were some hard lessons to be learned here. He pushed those who loved him away with his actions, daring them to stay.

    It was a test rigged for failure. Facing the consequences might just get him to make a change for the better. His grin was wry, one beautiful green eye peeking through the fall of his long bangs. Sucks, but hey … I gotta grow up sometime. And really, Cristal and flutes would be more appropriate for my resignation. You want to celebrate? This just keeps getting worse. Since I was often good at deluding myself, his no-bullshit policy was a mirror I needed.

    My smile faded. When he walks into a room, everyone straightens up and pays attention. I want that.

    You get it de facto with the name and the bank balance. Com in several formats for your eReader. Read Scandalous Liaisons online free from your Mobile, Pc.

    Stolen pleasures: Sebastian Blake, Earl of Merrick, long ago fled the responsibilities of his title to become the infamous pirate, Captain Phoenix. This acclaimed book by Sylvia Day is available at eBookMall. When faced with the legend of Charles II, and his decadent court, it is tempting to think that, like so many histories, much has been exaggerated. You must be a registered. She ran up the wide, grassy steps toward the manse, but he caught her easily and dipped his head for a kiss.

    Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Scandalous Liaisons. Scandalous liaisons. Keep your audiobook forever, even if you cancel. Use the HTML below. Get online Scandalous Liaisons today at 1Novels. Bestsellers and latest releases. The investigations began in as an inquiry by an. Definition of scandalous. Scandalous Liaisons is a Romance novel by Sylvia Day.

    Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Scandalous Liaisons. Its your turn, sweet. The lyrics perfectly suit Sebastian and his feelings for Olivia. download the Scandalous Liaisons ebook. The sex afterwards was fun and hot. Especially Sebastian, he was adorable. Have you ever had a look of those breeches they used to wear back in the s?

    He takes her to his office and starts questioning. Julienne is kinda breathless and almost wet seeing Lucien so close. Apparently, he feels something different for her. Julienne leaves the next day. Yukety yuk! And incidents like this keep happening. Boy but Julienne had some love for oral! It was hard to believe that she really was a virgin.

    Seven years to sin pdf

    When Lucien investigates her background, he asks his assistant to make a list of eligible bachelors for her. Lord Fontaine tops the list. This guy was already interested in her. A womanizer too. I have no idea why.

    When Lucien visits her house with the idea, Julienne is a bit hurt. Oh good lord, someone kill me now! I was losing interest more and more because this novella was one horrid mess from top to bottom! Yes, the Duke has been true to his mistress and so had she after giving up her courtesan life but his wife is still alive and he has an heir.

    So how can I expect better from him? Ok, so in the scene when Lucien asks her to marry him, Julienne refused. In the meantime, Fontaine is already making it clear that he wants to make it official. Then, suddenly in one ball, Julienne sees Lucien with some slut.

    He finds her when she retires to some room, alone. After that, there was a hot little scene I liked, before she leaves him. Afterwards, Julienne finds Hugh who had come back and confronts him. Finally she gives him a piece of her mind, after coddling him for all those years. Their parents died when they were young and their aunt took care of them. Hugh meets with Lucien soon, who gives him some advice on how to make money and in return, blackmailed out times with Julienne.

    PDF - Scandalous Liaisons

    He can strike out a hefty sum from the total debt for each meeting Lucien has with her. His mother also encourages him about Julienne. Lucien begs forgiveness to Julienne in a ball, which was kinda heart tugging. He also informs her of his intentions and dances with her. But Fontaine has been nice to her and so on, so she hesitates. That scene was annoying, to say the least. I was eye rolling so many times, egh! The things Lucien and Julienne were telling each-other By then I was impatient for this novella to end, put me out of my boredom and save my eyes!

    The ending was abrupt and unsatisfactory. Fontaine just gave up. I saw nada. So, drama all over the book, unbelievable ones at that and unimpressive characters. Lucien would never surpass him in anything. I was bored and annoyed. The weather was bad so he had to take refuge in a dilapidated estate nearby. I was kinda interested at first because of the mystery surrounding the area, but it went downhill soon. There are loads of rumors about the widow and this place, as her being mad and scary etc.

    Hugh has a feeling, seeing the bad form of the estate. He enters the house, elbowing the butler who was on the verge of closing the door, denying any help. After waiting, a black clad and shrouded tiny woman comes in. Two footmen were getting ready with him when a beautiful woman in breeches I mean was it that usual in the s?

    Hugh is very interested to give it to her.

    She invites Hugh to stay overnight which he happily obliges. At night, they dine. She dresses provocatively. When they were about to retire, one of the maids cut her finger and Charlotte leaves to tend the girl.

    Hugh retires and falls asleep. Charlotte has been living in this estate for the last few years, after her marriage to the old duke. It is then she visited this place 1st. She took pity on the ill and frail duke, whom his son saw as a burden and never took proper care of.

    Then, she broke up with the heir, who stomped off threatening her ruin. The old duke took the girl in, married Charlotte, gave her this map of a pirate and some clap-traps about a treasure, asked her to make girl her ward, gave her this estate to live and died. So she spread these stories about the mad duchess to keep out of the prying eyes.

    It was funny, even Hugh comments on that, that why would she hang on to the hope of a treasure in WI which is nothing but a myth? She knows in what capacity Charlotte is interested in Hugh and encourages her. And then, Hugh saw the map. Sorry but I forgot about the story continuation here as I was bored and skimming through. This triggers a row and the truth of her being the duchess is revealed.

    He stays for a fortnight. Anyway, Julienne not only welcomes Charlotte but gives her her own dresses to wear. Then the trouble begins as Hugh finds the duke in the gathering. For some weird reasons, Hugh was unable to find Charlotte so that he can alert her but of course, the duke meanwhile finds her and threatens her.

    The guy was a bully and horrible. Hugh saves Charlotte when the duke was about to strike her. Afterwards, he proposes marriage. Hugh was desperate for her approval.

    WHY Hugh?! With a lot of tears in her eyes oh puhleez, spare me the dramatics! I felt so bad for him. After that, I was bored and skimmed and thanked God when it ended. All of it was so unbelievable that About the treasure, nothing more was mentioned about it, only that Sebastian or Merrick would take them to WI to look for it. So why was this part inserted in the book?

    Society Affaires De grootste schuldeiser blijkt ook tot de k Society Affaires Pero me ha gustado, han estado bien estas historias cortas. O que mais gostei? De qualquer forma gostei bastante. I was definitely not disappointed and I liked Julienne, the female lead of this story, a lot. I think she reminded me a lot of myself. So, in total, that makes the average rating of this book 3. Not the last Sylvia Day book I'm planning to read, but it is the last in this series, which I now find rather unfortunate because I liked the time it was set in.

    Jan 04, Brenda rated it really liked it Shelves: Stolen Pleasures - 4. One of the best I've read in a while. He's so I've never had a thing for pirates but, damn, now I do. Her Mad Grace - 3 stars I tend to dislike a little bit women who has the same trust issues I have.

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    Crazy, right? I have to work on that. I loved this anthology. Sylvia Day, please more historical romance books!! I read this book under the name of "Scandalous Liaisons.

    Though I don't think it was supposed to be a hilarious comedy. It was reminiscent of silent movies in it's overblown emotional gestures.

    It skipped any semblance of a plot and went right into heaving bosoms and hard nipples. Tears ran down my face as I laughed about how ridiculous it was. Seriously, find something else to read! Jun 28, Anali rated it liked it. A decir verdad la primera historia no estuvo mal, me gusto bastante y ambos protas me parecieron que estaban bien. Son tres historias bonitas y sexuales. This book consists of 3 short stories in which the characters at various times interact with one another.

    The stories are steamy but not blazing hot and my favorite of the three was Lucien's Gamble. At times I found the writing choppy and a little hard to follow but for the most part I found this book a good but not great read. This definitley qualifies as one of my favourite books!!. I absolutely LOVE the old English writing style, they just seem to have a way with words that makes you swa-ooon!!

    This is a book with three stories from the same author. The stories do stand alone but have the characters from the other stories intermixed in them. There is nothing that really stands out about this book. It was just a quick, light read. Aug 02, ALM rated it liked it Shelves: This was a compilation of three novellas. I liked the first two, but Hugh's story in the last novella was a little rushed and odd. But all were entertaining as always and I love seeing the characters from the previous historicals as well.

    I wish she wrote Bad girls2. This was so much fun and hot and short. Times three. Thank you Sylvia, your stories are always enjoyable. Three hot historical romances. My fav - Lucians gamble: Feb 26, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: Stolen Pleasures- 2 stars. British West Indies, Olivia has married Lord Merrick by proxy in the West Indies and is now sailing home to England to start her married life as Lady Merrick. That is until a pirate takes her ship as his own. That pirate would be Sebastian, Lord Merrick.

    He's as puzzled as she is. They sail to England to figure out what happened view spoiler [Sebastian's father's plan was to have "Sebastian" marry Olivia, however, he was going to use one of Sebastian's cousins a Stolen Pleasures- 2 stars.

    They sail to England to figure out what happened view spoiler [Sebastian's father's plan was to have "Sebastian" marry Olivia, however, he was going to use one of Sebastian's cousins as him since Sebastian hadn't been seen for 5 years.

    When Sebastian's older brother died and Sebastian became the heir he rebelled and ran away. At the end of the story one of the pirates tries to kill Olivia, but of course he was thwarted and Olivia and Sebastian have their HEA.

    I was curious as to the "mystery" but as soon as they were in England everything was explained.

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