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The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results The. for downloading it from there; the download is very cheap Biology Questions and A. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Gary Keller is chairman of the board and cofounder of The ONE Thing has made more than appearances on national bestseller lists, including #1 Wall Street Journal, NewYork Times, and USA Today.

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Accountability is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when you're trying to do extraordinary things. All the graphs and figures from The ONE Thing. Be like a postage stamp; stick to one thing until you get there. - Josh. Billings. • Results went through the roof for the author's organization from asking this one. The ONE Thing by Gary Keller is a must-read for anyone interested in productivity and personal improvement. Read the book summary and.

Focus on one important thing in your life your one thing Prioritize daily on what will have the biggest impact towards your one thing Do one thing at time The One Thing — Summary The One Thing also gives some recommendation on not focusing on just works but also taking care of your family and health. I will skip them in this summary as deciding how to spend our time is more of a personal choice in my opinion. Rowling author of Harry Potter books embarked in their life quest with huge expectations. Guinness leased the beer factory for 9. Keller says they were successful in no small part because they started out with huge vision and goals also read: The Magic of Thinking Big. Success requires action, of course. But action requires thought. Success requires action; but action requires thoughts: Think BIG! The One Thing makes a great point on common mistakes when starting said task lists: tackling the easiest first, the first on the lists or the most time consuming. Think of Michael Phelps , he says.

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

However, when his research ended, he was stunned by the results, which suggested that multitasking was an inefficient way of doing things. But why does multitasking not work the way we think? There are many explanations for this. When someone interrupts us in our workflow , getting back to the speed of before takes a lot of time. The most important question about multitasking is that when you decide to switch tasks, there are always losses in efficiency.

When we do more than one task, we will always take more time to finish. Therefore, multitasking is an inefficient way of working. It is a known fact that multitasking increases the level of stress. Also, a multi-tasker prefers new information in favor of old ones, regardless of the value of that information.

Many problems arise for those who believe they can do more than one thing at a time. They would not be able to perform any of the activities as well as they could if they were done individually because humans are creatures designed to accomplish one task at a time.

The Power of Discipline and Habit How does discipline influence our success?

In many societies, people learn that if they want to succeed, they need to be trained. But this is not entirely accurate. Many social scientists have discovered that it takes about 60 days for a person to get a habit.

Besides, the authors suggest that we should build one habit at a time. The ONE Thing Successful people are not those who excel in all areas, but those who choose to do various things in their lives and then create productive habits independent of those activities. Of course, over time, they do well and become very good at those selected activities, which are based on the habits they have developed. Practice makes daily routine simpler.

When a person has productive habits and precise routines, their life becomes easier.

The way forward will be much clearer. Success is a sprint race, and disciplined practice will allow you take control. The truth is that at times it seems we can achieve almost everything.

Our willpower is too high. However, there are times when it seems we are not doing anything right, and at those times we cannot rely on our willpower. When it comes to productivity, for most willpower is great at the beginning of the day, but eventually, dissipates.

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan - PhilosophersNotes | Optimize

Pauses, such as lunch breaks or afternoon breaks, increase our willpower, but they need to be constantly replenished. The advice in this book is incredibly practical and the full copy of the book is well worth the read. About the author Gary Keller initially excelled in the Real Estate world, originally a sales manager he became co-founder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty International. Considered to be the worlds biggest real estate company.

He puts the rapid growth down to his leadership, teaching, and coaching. Named a finalist for Inc. He aims to educate as a leader, an author, and a keynote speaker. Keller explains that unfortunately, real life is not quite so simple.

So every day they line up their priorities anew, find the lead domino, and whack away at it until it falls. SIX LIES Keller believes that there are six lies that we get told over and over, these seem like truths and are detrimental to our success.

We have to acknowledge these for what they are, lies, discard them, and move on. Majority vs. Minority The first lie that Keller talks about all about effort and results.

The ONE Thing Summary – Jay Papasan & Gary Keller | FREE PDF |

He explains that the Pareto principle explains that: the majority of what you want will come from the minority of what you do. Is multitasking productive?

But, Keller points out that this is not true. So leaders who can get you there must have a sense of optimism and the ability to coach others to make the trip.

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller [BOOK SUMMARY & PDF]

Clearly a difference exists between being optimistic and delusional. So self-belief, self-assurance, and self-confidence are all parts of the leadership equation. The future remains the focus. If successful managers focus on individuals and their unique capabilities and successful leaders focus on the future, how will the two find the synergies needed to successfully move the organization forward?

This brings us to the third point that Buckingham makes. We must find ways to sustain individual success and to identify ways to move the majority into the successful category.

While it might be construed that that many people are misplaced in jobs, it is far more optimistic to see the situation as a huge untapped resource for managers and organizations. The twenty-percenters have the ability, work ethic, persistence, and opportunity to experience extraordinary, repeated, and sustained success.

They have found their niche, prepared for it, executed it well, and shown their organizations that they can perform excellently. Every organization has a few of these managers and leaders— and the fervent wish that they could be cloned. Every leader has strengths and weaknesses and, for that matter, likes and dislikes about the job. However you direct your energy, the key to sustaining success is to find a way to make the greatest possible impact over the longest period.

This requires that you are good at what you do and, more importantly, that you stay good ahead of the learning curve of the general managerial population. Your investment in your own learning starts with finding your flaws and fixing them. Move forward to what energizes you and cultivate your strengths and build your career around them. I found this approach to leadership and management to be both old and new.

It was old because it lent credence to what we already know about leaders and managers. It was new because it made me stop and think about how to gain some control and focus over those things that are most identifiable and critical to successful managing and leading.

It stands to reason that, if we are successful in these roles, we are more apt to find that we can sustain our success in these roles.

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